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Greenpark Productions Ltd with Living Memories C.I.C.

Sample of Feedback after Using the Preview "Home Sweet Home" DVD & Reminiscence Guide for the "Living Memories" Series

Kate Mitchell, Programme Lead, Long TermConditions, NHS Cornwall

"I am delighted that you are working (with Greenpark Productions Ltd) to develop the "Living Memories" resources and have been really impressed with the quality and nature of your work to date. Your collaborative work with the Memory Cafés…. have been received really well and I know has given inspiration to people living with dementia to re-connect with life again…

Your work will provide new opportunities for engagement and interactionand will help improve individual's confidence, self-esteem and communicationopportunities whilst complementing existing initiatives we already have inplace."

Reminiscence activities provideopportunities for stimulation, and re-connection with a sense of self, which isimportant for the person with dementia, but also their family carers. The"Living Memories" resources can initiate and support meaningful conversationswhich really help families and their loved ones with dementia to 'reach eachother" and maintain their loving connections."

Tracey Roose, formerly CEO of AgeUKCornwall/Director of Transformation, NHS Cornwall

"I received the disk and bookletyesterday and thought it was wonderful. I hope you don't mind but I would liketo ask Diane Newman, our cognitive stimulation and dementia lead, to take alook and if you are happy, perhaps we can show it to one of the groups and seewhat they think?

It really is a remarkable tool forpeople to use. Is the plan to market this widely through other avenues, if so,we could look at featuring it on our website or as part of our dementia work."

Diane Newman, AgeUK Cornwall

"We ran the DVD, one "episode" at a time. After the first one I used a couple of the prompt questions but that was all, they were all animated and everyone had something to contribute. We watched the next session and again they were all very happy to talk about it. The group which I take are not so cognitively impaired as some and therefore got the gist and were very happy to discuss how things had changed and also their own memories.

At the end, one of the gentlemen came to talk to me while I was packing things away and told me he was a washing machine engineer. He told me about the new model that came in and he could remember the sales pitch which they had to learn verbatim. It was indeed a change from our normal sessions and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I think this would be excellent on 1:1 as well.

Sue McDermott, formerly Memory CaféCo-ordinator, Cornwall Rural Community Council

"The Living Memories project will assist volunteers to provide age-appropriate stimulating activities and there are outcomes not only for individuals (well-being, identity, self-esteem) but also for all members attending the Memory Café, (increased inclusion, cohesion, mutuality, and support)."

Extract from email comment received after trial session of Home Sweet Home DVD at Liskeard Memory Café,Cornwall:

"B… said not only did three separate couples say it was the best session, but that volunteers really enjoyed it too and felt it was something they would like to do more, learn more about. More importantly perhaps,one of the men who stood up and spoke had never spoken before (at one of our meetings) and he and his wife are both hearing impaired and have not seemed to find it easy to mix in until now (but) …during the DVD reminiscence sessionthey were both animated and talking to others and clearly enjoying themselves.

Carolyn Cox,Pensilva Memory Café

"We have watched the first two clips and found that, with the questions in the book, a lot of reminiscence was sparked. We start the afternoon with one and it takes up quite a lot of the time! We have two members who are only partially sighted, but they don't let this difficulty stop them enjoying therest of the chat."

Melissa Orchard, NHS Cornwall

"Looking at your amazing work you deserve so much support to promote this fantastic resource."

Amanda Tomlinson, Retirement Move, Estate Agents,

"The Living Memories DVD made a fantastic prize for our monthly #WinningWednesdays competition. Congratulations to the winner!"

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